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17/03/20233.9.2022 Puppy´s cuteness

17/03/2023Hyvää syksyä / Have a nice autumn

17/03/20232.9.2022 Cosmonauts are here

Finally, 4 cosmonauts are here, 2 boys and 2 girls 🥰

Father is the one and only Cosmo (Flashpoint's Cosmic Ray) and mom Cuda (Barroco’s Perhaps Perhaps)
Exciting future ahead, or should I "cosmic" 💫

17/03/202313.8.2022 Annual Boston Terrier Specialty Show, Hyvinkää Finland

The judge was Lilian pajulaid from Estonia.


Our youngster "Matami" Barroco´s Queen of Hearts did well, she was BOB-junior, and got junior-CAC and CAC.

Other our dogs get also excellent 👍

"Bono" Barroco´s New Player In Town was 3rd best male

"Junior 2.0" Barroco´s Oh No Not My Boy was intermediate class 3rd, exc.

"Papu" Barroco´s Oh My Goodness was 4th best male.

"Olof" Barroco´s Oh North Breeze was intermediate class 2nd, exc.

"Jedi" Barroco´s Xtreme Stargazer was champion class 2nd, exc. CQ

"Armi" Barroco´s New Queen In Town was intermediate class 3rd, exc.

"Didi" Barroco´s Drop Dead Gorgeous was champion class 3rd, exc.

"Hertta" Barroco´s Gambler Girl was champion class 4th, exc.

We show first-time progeny class with "Ajay" Barroco´s Bringer Of Storm and he was 1st, Best progeny class.

Barroco´s breeder class was 2nd.

Congratulations to all winners!

17/03/202326.5.2022 Movie day,Watching past BTCA dvd´s ❤️

Barroco's oldies ❤️ It was very nice to see dogs from over 10 years ago and how the type has changed to this day. 


17/03/202326.5.2022 Agility, Jedi kuninkuusluokkaan!

”Kuninkuusluokka” kutsuu Jediä (Barroco´s Xtreme Stargazer) Mia Laamasen (Ville Liukan) aksa radoilta tänään 0 tulos 1. sija ja OIVA  sekä 3.  sija / 10 koirakkoa!!

Onnea Jedi ja Riitta!

17/03/20237.5.2022 Mikkeli Group Show

Judge Anita Al-Bachy

Barroco’s Oh No Not My Boy ”Junior 2.0”was exc. junior class 1st, cq, junior cac —> New Fin Junior CH, 1st best male and BOB!

17/03/20231.5.2022 IDS Tampere

Judge Breed specialist Margaret Wildman UK

Barroco’s New Player In Town ”Bono” was intermediate class 1st, Cq, 1st best male, cac, Cacib and BOB.

Barroco’s Perhaps Perhaps ”Cuda” was junior class 1st, Cq, junior cac—> Fin junior CH, 1sr best bitch, cac, BOB-junior and BOS.

Braque du Bourbonnais

Rufnit Jeffrie ”Hemi” was veteran class 1st, cq, vet cac—-> New Fin Veteran CH, 2nd best male and BOB-veteran.

17/03/202330.4.2022 Kurikka, group show

Bostons, Judge Leni Finne  ( breed specialist, Fin).

Barroco’s Oh No Not My Boy ”Junior 2.0” was exc. 1st, cq, Junior Cac, 1st best male, BOS-Junior and BOS.

Barroco’s Perhaps Perhaps ”Cuda” was exc. 1, cq, junior cert, 2nd best bitch, Res-Cac and BOB junior.

Braque Du Bourbonnais

Judge Tarja Kallio (Fin) Ruffnit Jeffrie ”Hemi” was exc. 1, cq, veteran cac, BOB-veteran and BOB!

12/04/20229.4.2022 Vaasa IDS / KV

Judge Kresten Scheel


Barroco’s Oh No Not My Boy ”Junior 2.0” was ex. 1st, Cq, 1st best male, Cac, Cacib and BOB!

Barroco’s Queen of Hearts ”Matami” was junior class, Ex. 2nd.

Barroco’s Perhaps Perhaps was Ex. 1st, Cq, 2nd best bitch, Res-Cac and Cacib.


Junior 2.0, Matami and Cuda

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