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14/12/201813.12.2018 R.I.P. Barroco´s Perfect One "Eetu"

I got news our loved boy Barroco´s Perfect One "Eetu" passed away, deepest condolences to Eetu´s family.


Barroco´s Perfect One "Eetu"

20.10.2004 - 13.12.2018


14/12/20189.12.2018 Sweden Winner Show

Swedish Winner Show, 9.12.18
Entry 38 Bostons
Judge Blidh von Schedvin Benny, SE

We entered 2 Boston girls and one boy, got all dogs excellent and one title from the show.

Barroco´s Bringer of Storms “Ajay” exc. intermediate dog class 1st, cq.

Barroco´s Gambler Girl “Hertta” exc. junior class bitches 2nd (9 bitches in class)

Barroco’s Drop Dead Gorgeous “Didi”, exc. intermediate class bitches 1st, cq, 1st best bitch, SE CC, Nordic CC, Sweden Winner-2018 and BOS.

Right; NO JW-17, SE W-18 Barroco´s Drop Dead Gorgeous "Didi"

13/12/20188.12.2018 Liepaja, Latvia

Barroco´s Extra Explorer "Rocky" was BOS, got veteran CC and come LV V-CH!!


13/12/201816.11.2018 Nordic Winner Show & 17.11.2018 Norway Winner Show, Lilleström Norway

Nordic Winner Show 16.11.18 Lilleström Norway

Judge Helge Kvivesen, Norway

Barroco’s Gambler Girl ”Hertta” got junior class: excellent, 2nd in class, cq, Norwegian CAC.

Barroco’s Drop Dead Gorgeous ”Didi” got intermediate class excellent, 1st in class.


18.11.18 Norway Winner Show 

Judge Marko Lepasaar, Estonia

Barroco’s Gambler Girl ”Hertta” was junior class 1st, ex. cq, Norway junior winner-18, reserve cac.

Barroco’s Drop Dead Gorgeous ”Didi” was intermediate class 1st, ex. Cq, Norwegian CAC.

NO JW-18 Barroco´s Gambler Girl "Hertta"


NO JW-17 Barroco´s Drop Dead Gorgeous "Didi"

13/12/201814.11.2018 Health examination day

Today we gor great result of healt testing, all result:

BARROCO'S COSMIC STORM  Eye; Clear. Patella 0/0 Heart testing; normal 
BARROCO'S EASY LIVING  Eye; Clear. Patella 0/0 Heart testing; normal
BARROCO'S ETERNAL STARGAZER  Eye; Clear. Patella 0/0 Heart testing; normal
BARROCO'S EXCELLENT CHOICE  Eye; Clear. Patella 0/0 
BARROCO'S GLORY GIRL Eye; Clear. Patella med 2/med 2
BARROCO'S KEEP IT SIMPLE Eye; Cortical Catarac Heart testing; normal
BARROCO'S VERIFIED DIVA Eye; Clear. Patella 0/0 Heart testing; normal
BARROCO'S XTREME STARGAZER  Eye; Clear. Patella 0/0 Heart testing; normal

13/12/20186.11.2018 Baer test litter-J

Today we Baer-testing all J-litter and all got result normal hearing.

Combination parents: Barroco´s Grand Illusion and Barroco´s Yo-Yo

Tested puppy´s:

Barroco´s Jackman

Barroco´s Jackpot

Barroco´s Jade

Barroco´s Joy

Barroco´s Just a Princess

13/12/201829.10.2018 R.I.P. Max

two big losses so narrow.

Rest in peace "Max" Sant Kreal VIP....

I love all my dogs entirely but Max´s place will be never taken, and his absence will haunt me to the end of my life. But my heart will always keep a million amazing memories about The Dog of my life.



13/12/201826.10.2018 R.I.P Barroco´s Yo-Yo

You left too soon....

Rest in peace "Jojo" Barroco´s Yo-Yo.


13/12/201820.10.2018 Eetu 14 year old

Barroco's Perfect One “Eetu” 14 years old today.

13/12/201810.-11.10.2018 Ireland

Weekend results from IKC International Day 1 & 2

Same result both days:

IR CH, IR J-CH Barroco’s Yeah U Know “Rosso” 1st Champion Dog , Green Star , CACIB and R-BOB
IR J-CH Barroco’s Cosmic Beauty “Sky” 1st open bitch, Reserve Green Star and R-CACIB
Saturday judge Mr I Vyguzou. Sunday judge Mrs J Foley.

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