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01/04/202119.2.2021 Barroco´s P-litter 7 weeks old, P-pentue 7 viikkoa vanhoina

Barroco´s Perhaps perhaps "Cuda"


Barroco´s Precious Illusion "Tilly"


Barroco´s Pretty Princess "Luna"

25/02/202126.1.2021 Barroco´s O-litter 7 weeks old, O-pentue 7 viikkoa vanhoina

Barroco´s Oh No Not My Boy


Barroco´s Oh My Goodness


Barroco´s Oh My My


Barroco´s Oh North Breeze


Barroco´s Oh So Charming

25/02/20211.1.2021 Lucy got 3 girl puppy´s - Lucy sai pentuja

Our New Year Start wonderfull, Barroco´s Zeal Your Fate "Lucy" got 3 little princess.

31/12/202024.12.2020 Hyvää Joulua - Merry Christmas

23/12/202016.12.2020 Barroco´s N-litter 7 weeks old, N-pentue 7 viikkoa vanhoina


Barroco´s New Queen in Town "Armi"



Barroco´s New Player in Town "Bono"



Barroco´s New Prince in Town "Paavo"


08/12/20208.12.2020 Iines got puppy’s - Iineksellä pentuja

Barroco’s Harmony ”Iinesl” got five boy puppys. Iinekselle syntyi viisi urospentua.

29/11/202029.11.2020 "Lucy" pregnancy is confirm, Lucyn tiineys on varmistettu

"Lucy" Barroco´s Zeal Your Fate visit ultrasound and we waiting puppys born X-mas! 
Lucyn tiineys varmistui ja pentujen odotetaan syntyvän Jouluna.


13/11/20203.11.2020 Iines waiting puppy´s - Iines on kantavana

"Iines" Barroco´s Harmony visit ultrasound and we confirm she is pregnant and the puppy´s waiting born early December.

Iines kävi ultrassa, jossa tiineys varmistettiin. Pentujen odotetaan syntyvän joulukuun alkupuolella.

13/11/202028.10.2020 Hertta got puppy´s - Hertalle syntyi pentuja

Hertta (Barroco´s Gambler Girl) got tre puppy´s, two boy´s and one girl. Broud father is  Barroco´s King Arthur "King".


13/11/202015.9.2020 RIP Barroco´s Deja Vu

31.7.2008 - 15.9.2020 "Jade" Barroco´s Déjà Vu

“If there ever comes a day when we can’t be together, keep me in your heart, I’ll stay there forever.”


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