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17/03/20239.3.2023 Health Examinations

Today, three of us in boston 

Barroco’s Oh My Goodness "Papu"

Barroco’s Oh North Breeze "Olof"

Barroco’s Queen of Hearts "Matami"

went for health checks, eyes, patellas and listening to the heart. All received 0/0 patellas, eye exams clear, heart is health -no side effects or murmurs 👌💖


In the filling picture, Sani and Hemi

17/03/202311.2.2023 Puppy Show Lempäälä

After many years, it's wonderful to go to a Lempäälä Ideapark puppy show, where 650 puppies were entered.

Our 5 month old ”Alva” Barroco’s Showstopper (Flashpoint’s Cosmic Ray X Barroco’s Perhaps Perhaps) was BOB-puppy,

group 9 BIG-3 best puppy 🎊🐾Judge was group 9 specialist Jussi Liimatainen, FIN her first show 🐾💖

Judge was Poggesi Manola from Italy.

Alva’s critique: A pleasure to see. Nice, feminine head. Very nice expression. Needs to complete the stop. Excellent ears. Well developed in body. Good forechest. Excellent front. Correct in coat. Moves well.

22/03/20239.2.2023 Barroco´s Drop Dead Gorgeous "Didi" 6 Year old

17/03/202324.12.2022 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ! Hyvää Joulua ja Onnellista Uutta Vuotta !

17/03/202311.12.2022 "Stora Stockholm 2022" (Nordic Show)

The show season is over, and the final dog show was "Stora Stockholm 2022" (Nordic Show).

Sunday 11.12.2022 was show day, and 40 Bostons entered. 

The judge was Eeva Rautala Finland. 

Electronic critiques were introduced, so it was nice to read all the dog's critiques 👌All our four dogs did great results, I´m very happy all got excellent and show´s well. 

"Junior 2.0" Barroco´s Oh No Not My Boy was Open Class 2nd💖.

"Cuda" Barroco´s Perhaps Perhaps Come back to the ring after getting her puppies, " she shows well and was intermediate class 3rd, so cute the way she is ❤❤💖.


"Hertta" Barroco´s Gambler Girl got excellent but no placement in a large open class💖.

"Didi" Barroco´s Drop Dead Gorgeous did it again with a strong showing, she was 2nd in Champion class and 3rd best bitch 💖✨, 5 years and 10 months old.

Barroco´s breeder class was BOB-breeder 🏆♥🏆. Thank you Marie Pilhjerta for helping show Hertta the breeder's class. 


All in all... Thank you to the owners for taking such great care and loving your Barroco´s Bostons 💖

17/03/20233.12.2022 Outlook for the weekend

a weekend full of dogs, the Dog Fair, i.e. the Nordic Winner and Winner shows.

This time I will participate as a ring secretary and my dogs stayed at home 😃🐾

17/03/202313.11.2022 Cosmonauts are now 10 weeks old cuties 🥰 (Puppy reunion) 🐾 and examined JC-Dna (Hereditary Cataract)

"Alva" Barroco´s Showstopper

Clear Hereditary Cataract (HSF4) N/N

"Sani" Barroco´s Spotlights On Me

Clear Hereditary Cataract (HSF4) N/N

"Paco" Barroco´s Steal Your Heart at Heartily

Clear Hereditary Cataract (HSF4) N/N. Degenerative Myelopathy, DM (exon2) N/N.

"Theo" Barroco´s Stop and Stare

Clear Hereditary Cataract (HSF4) N/N


17/03/202324.10.2022 Small Cosmonauts are now 7 weeks old cuties 🥰

(Flashpoint's Cosmic Ray X Barroco’s Perhaps Perhaps)


Barroco´s Showstopper "Alva"

Barroco´s Spotlights On Me "Sani"

Barroco´s Steal Your Heart at Heartily "Paco"


Barroco´s Stop And Stare "Theo"

17/03/20232.10.2022 IHA TULLN - Bundessieger

Judge Gunther Ehrenreich

Barroco´s Drop Dead Gorgeous "Didi" was Champion class 1st and got Austria CAC!!

17/03/202330.9.2022 Barroco´s S-litter, Cosmo X ´Cuda, 4-week old


"Alva" Barroco´s Showstopper

"Sani" Barroco´s Spotlights On Me


"Theo" Barroco´s Stop and Stare

"Paco" Barroco´s Steal Your Heart  at Heartily

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