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06/02/201730.1.2017 Pipsa sai pentuja / Pipsa got puppy´s

Barroco's Xquisite Beauty "Pipsa" got puppys 30.1.17.  1 boy and 3 girl. Broud father is "Frank" Havasu Tropical Strorm.


Pipsa pennut syntyivät 30.1.17 neljä pentua, yksi poika ja kolme tyttöä. Pentujen isä on Frank ( Havasu Tropical Storm).

06/02/201714.1.2017 Tyynen pennut syntyivät / Tyyne got puppy´s

Barroco's U make me Smile "Tyyne" got puppy´s 14.1.17.  1 boy and 1 girl.

Broud father is "Frank" Havasu Tropical Strorm.


Tyyne synnytti 14.1.17 kaksi pentua, yhden tytön ja yhden pojan. Pentujen isä on Frank.

02/01/201723.12.2016 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017!

Hyvää Joulua ja Onnellista Uutta Vuotta 2017!

02/01/201711.12.2016 General CH show Birmingham England

Lovely day at LKA champ show. In a strong junior class with many lovely dogs thank you to well respected breed specialist Anne Clifton for Barroco's Yeah U Know 2 nd place This is his 2nd showing in England so very happy. 

02/01/201711.12.2016 Finnish Winner 2016 show

Entry 43 bostons, judge Jari Rosario Spagna (Italy).

"Jedi" Barroco's Xtreme Stargazer was junior class 4th.

"Kaapo" Barroco's Yankee Doodle was junior class 2nd, CQ and 4th Best Male.

"Frankie" Havasu Tropical Storm was champion class 2nd CQ, 3rd Best Male and res-Cacib.

"Ava" Barroco's Unique was veteran class 1st, CQ ➡️ Finnish Veteran Winner-16. After this show, our adorable veteran "Ava" Barroco's Unique has got 44 titles‼️💕💖❤️ This Queen is still going strong ❤️❤️❤️

Kennel Barroco's was BOB-Breeder and HP.

02/01/201710.12.2016 Helsinki Winner 2016 show

Entry 26 bostons, judge Johan Juslin (FIN)

"Frankie" Havasu Tropical Storm was champion class 2nd and 3rd best dog.

"Ava" Barroco's Unique was veteran class 1st, Helsinki Veteran Winner-16 and BOB-veteran.

BOB and BOS were Ava's grand childrens, proud father is Barroco's Classic Design. BOB Canmoy's Boston Girlie Tour and BOS Canmoy's Boston Pole Position.

02/01/20174.12.2016 Sweden Winner show

Frankie and Ava did it again...

Frankie (Havasu Tropical Storm) was champion class 1st, 1st Best Male ➡️ CAC, CACIB ➡️ New Swedish champion and Sweden Winner-16 and BOB ‼️ BOS was Ava's grand daughter "Madonna" Canmoy's Boston Girlie Tour ( father Barroco's Classic Design).

Ava (Barroco's Unique) was veteran class 1st, 3rd Best Bitch ➡️ New Swedish Veteran Winner-16 and BOB-veteran‼️

Swedish Winner 2016 group 9 results, under judge Edd E. Bivin (USA).Frankie (Havasu Tropical Storm) was group 4th

02/01/201719.11.2016 Lillestrom Norway Winner show

Frank did it again...Norwegian Winner 2016 show. Entry 45 bostons, judge Frode Jevne (Norway).

Havasu Tropical Storm "Frank" was champion class 1st, cq, 1st best male, cac--> New Norway and Nordic Champion, Norwegian Winner-16 and BOB! Congratulation Frankie's owner Hilary Green and breeder Mr Ken Crockett.

Barroco's Unique "Ava" was best veteran bitch, cq, Norwegian veteran Winner-16 and BOB-veteran. This lovely lady is still going strong! 💕

02/01/20176.11.2016 Nordic Winner show Herning Denmark

Entry 55 bostons, judge Aida Rivera Franco, Colombia.

Tough day... boston judge gave only 4 dogs and two bitch CQ. Barroco's Unique "Ava" was BOB-veteran, Nordic Veteran Winner-16, CQ and 2nd best bitch!!!! Wonderful result for our over 10 year old Lady💕Our Braque du Bourbonnais Rufnit Jeffrie "Hemi" was BOB, Nordic Winner-16, CQ, CAC--> New Denmark champion!!

02/01/20175.11.2016 Herning, Danish Winner 2016 INT show

Entry 58 bostons, judge Christofer Habig, Germany.

Havasu Tropical Storm "Frank" was champion class 1st, 1st best male, CC--> New DK Champion, Cacib, Danish Winner-16 and BOS. Breeder Mr. Ken Crockett / owner Hilary Green.

Barroco's Unique "Ava" was BOB-veteran, Danish Veteran Winner-16 and 2nd best bitch, over 10 year age.

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